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Why Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Window

There are a lot of different vinyl window options out there and some are very inferior. They are low-grade or “builders grade” vinyl. You can see those types of vinyl products on the shelves at your favorite home improvement stores for $300 or $400 a piece. The biggest thing to point out with those windows is the difference in the grade of vinyl. Most of the low grade vinyl options that certain companies are putting down as an “inferior product,” use recycled vinyl, the kind that’s recycled over and over again, almost like the vinyl used in the white patio chairs that everybody has seen from their childhood.

I think one of the easiest concepts for anyone to understand is that there are different grades of everything that we buy these days. There are also different grades of gasoline that you put in your vehicles. Vinyl windows are no exception to that. There’s a lot of high-end vinyl products out there like the one we sell, that is more true to like an actual PVC polyvinyl chloride. PVC pipes are used underground and there are high grades of vinyl that are actually used on airplanes and in other industrial/commercial products. So when competitors talk about wood or composite windows, and they say “it’s twice as strong as a vinyl window,” they’re only referring to the lower grade vinyl.

That’s why at Grand Opening Windows & Doors, we only sell one brand of high-end vinyl window product for our customers, because we do not want to sell the lower grade vinyl, which commonly breaks down over time.

Vinyl Window

Whether the window is made of vinyl, wood, composite or anything else out there, it needs to be strong enough to hold heavy glass. With bigger windows, obviously even more so. And what happens to a cheaper lower grade product, is the weight of that glass overtime is going to break down, most notably in the seams. Especially when it’s receiving weatherization day-after-day, year-after-year. Your window is going to wind-up getting seal failure, which is a major issue.

Also, when it comes to vinyl, it’s not just the difference in the grade of the vinyl, it's also what is going on in the additional part of the framework and the sashes of the window. So you can have a very strong vinyl window, but sometimes there are missing factors as well.

The grade that we actually sell has a high density foam all the way around the frame. And additionally in the sash, it comes with a composite high-beam that holds the sashes and creates an additional structural integrity and an additional thermal barrier as well.

And for those reasons, we only sell one very high-grade vinyl window. We don’t want you to call us back in five or ten years when the seams are separating, the glass is fogged up, you have seal failure and you’re upset. Maybe you saved some money ten years ago, but now you’re looking to replace them all over again.

If you’d like to find out more, give us a call today at 717-691-5670 for a free in-home consultation and estimate. We can show you our superior product and provide you with a guaranteed price down-to-the-penny.


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