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Garden Window

GARDEN WINDOWS are a perfect way to utilize space over the Kitchen sink. The shape provides extra shelf space for plants, herbs and anything else you might want to store. The design allows access to natural light and plenty of ventilation.

HOPPER WINDOWS are well suited for basements and bathrooms. Their size and shape allow for ventilation while providing a high-level of security.They are long windows that open inwards, creating a tight seal when closed to block out moisture.

SINGLE HUNG WINDOWS are an elegant yet simple addition to any room in the house. They are designed for the top of the window to remain stationary, while the bottom window opens and closes. Somewhat harder to clean, but people like them for their easy-to-use functionality.

Our windows are made with Neopor® Insulation, to prevent molding, rotting and structural damage, as well as increasing the overall efficiency. INNERGY® thermal reinforcements and ComforTech™ Warm Edge Glazing System for insulated glass provide high levels of energy efficiency. Super Spacer® Reverse Dual Seal Technology protects against heat loss and provides warmer glass temperatures and reduced interior condensation. FineLineTM welds provide a straight, clean weld line on corners.


UV technologies further improve energy efficiency in these windows, with high-performance Low E coating, UV protection and insulating chambers filled with Krypton or Argon gas, certifying these windows for an ENERGY STAR rating.

There are 4 main grid types (Contoured, Pencil, Flat, SDL), 8 grid patterns with double or triple internal grids or 5 different SDL styles. Also various color and glass options to ensure a perfect aesthetic match for your home. 


Extruded aluminum screens are made with either UltraVue® or BetterVue™ fiberglass mesh.

Hopper Basement Window
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Here are a number of window finishes. Vinyl Window Colors are Available for SDL, Contoured and Flat Grids.

Here are a number of interior stain finishes.

interior stain 1
interior stain3
interior stain 2

Here are a number of interior paint finishes. Note that all Sherwin Williams colors are available and colors can be completely customized.

interior paint colors
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See the hardware options below for Slider windows.

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Choose different styles from:

  • Hand-Stained Glass

  • Decorative Glass

  • Privacy Glass

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