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When Is The Best Time To Buy Replacement Windows?

The best time to buy replacement windows is right now. Putting off replacing your windows can be costly and ill advised. There are pros and cons to purchasing in each season, but across-the-board there’s about a 2-month wait for product, due to the current slow supply chain. Also, most companies raise their prices every year. Usually the best price you will get is right now.

Replacement Windows

Spring is a good season for many reasons. Having a pleasant stable temperature outside prevents very hot or cold air from coming into your house, resulting in higher energy bills. Installers can work with ease and precision in the ideal climate Spring weather brings. There isn’t a lot of expanding or contracting with cladding and other parts of the windows throughout the day, like we normally see in very hot or cold weather. And caulk will adhere quicker, while providing a tight seal around each window.

We know that everyone’s schedules are different and sometimes it’s necessary to replace your home’s windows in the Summer months. During July, August and September, our installers are mindful about working in stages so that they can focus on one room of the house at a time. This ensures your entire house won’t be flooded with hot air. They communicate with you so that your family is aware of how the progression of the work will go, room-by-room, so you can plan accordingly. The fall brings decent working conditions until the cold starts to set in.

The Winter season is usually slower for window contractors, so they’ll have better availability to do a project. Also large projects that need a longer time frame can be accommodated during the cold months. Window companies will often have deals at this time, so if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, the Winter months are usually best.

But all that being said, ordering your replacement windows now is the most cost-effective measure you can take.

If you live in the greater Harrisburg or Central Pennsylvania area, call Grand Opening Windows & Doors today for a free in-home estimate. One of our Project Consultants will work with you to create a perfect fit for each room of your house. Whether you need something custom, or large Picture windows to frame breathtaking views of the outdoors, or just a number of standard sturdy Double Hung windows …we have your perfect fit.


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