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What are homeowners looking for when we visit a home?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Often homeowners are concerned about comfort in the home, reducing heating and cooling bills and curb appeal. The first two are universal desires but what goes into curb appeal? Tastes change so let's look at what many homeowners are interested in for some ideas!

1. Darker colors In the past few years dark window frames have become more popular. It offers a bold and striking look that makes a home stand out. These frames offer a cohesive vision when combined with a darker entry door that has been in demand for the past few years.

2. Larger Doors Large entryways are a welcoming view to visitors and give off a warm and welcoming feel. Homeowners have been transforming entryways with custom size doors to increase the flow of the entryway.

3. Bay & Bow windows

Many homeowners have been adding these to their homes to increase natural light as well as add a focal point to their homes. The added glass offers increased views from inside as well which always adds a brightness to any home.


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