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The Importance of Choosing a Local Company

We know there are a number of choices out there when choosing a window and door company. Here are a number of reasons why working with a local company like Grand Opening Windows & Doors is a better choice.

  • Superior Quality

Large corporations are constantly cutting corners with service and providing lower quality products to satisfy their bottom line. Here at Grand Opening Windows & Doors, we pride ourselves on our reputation among our neighbors. That means always providing the highest level of service and top brands from our supplier, ProVia for the replacement windows & doors we provide. We take pride in our work and products and it shows in every job we do.

  • Better Service and Less Red Tape

Having a team of local knowledgeable experts provides us with the ability to move quickly for our clients. We customize each project specifically to our clients’ needs, fulfilling their vision without any corporate slowdowns or permissions.

  • Direct Access

Our team is based in Mechanicsburg, we’re close-by and responsive. You won’t get transferred around when you call us. We pride ourselves on being reliable and responsive, that’s why our cell phone numbers are on our business cards.

  • Lower Prices

Operating as an independent locally-owned business, we’re able to keep our prices reasonable. We don’t have any franchise fees to pay, no outrageous marketing budgets to pay for, or any kind of monthly corporate dues. Customers are getting a clean straight fair price when they work with us.

  • Your Money Stays in the Community

Doing business with us means you're supporting a local business that employs local people. Our employees, their families and our extended family at ProVia all thrive because our customers shop local.

If you’re looking for a window & door company to provide you with the best service, superior quality all at a fair price, then give us a call. We serve the greater Harrisburg area and Central PA with energy-efficient replacement window & door sales and installation. We'd love to discuss how we can beautify your home and save you money.


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