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Finishing Work Around the Exterior of a Door

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

A very important part of a door installation is the overall finishing work on the exterior. Local door companies will often install an entry front door or a patio door, but will ignore the frame around it.

When high-grade cladding is placed over the frame of the door, it ensures a perfect seal and becomes a maintenance free product for the lifetime of the house.

Cladding also brings an aesthetic value to your home. There are many color options available, so the wrap work will match your door for a seamless look. Adding an accent color is also an option, as we can provide any standard or custom color from the Sherwin Williams paint collection.

Seeing doors in the local Central PA area that are installed without the right cladding or wrap work is common, but it is a necessary part of what we do during a job, at no extra charge.


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