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Customizable Possibilities: Door Install

One of the best features about what we do, is that everything on a door job is customizable. And that's at no extra cost to our clients, it’s just automatic. With most companies, they'll sell you a standard-size 36 x 80 door for example, and then they have to alter the opening to make it fit. What we do is a little bit different: we actually customize the width of the door to perfectly fit your house. We customize the height of the door as well and the trim casing you have on the inside. We also implement whatever color you choose, and provide accommodation for special sizes. The depth of the wall is also customizable, because every wall is different. Matching the thickness of the jam to match your house and the outside frame is also possible. We can also create a seamless look with any molding that you have on the outside. We will install a door that fits into your home, not alter in your home to match the door.

Call us today to discuss possibilities or ideas for your front, entry or patio door.


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