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French Doors vs. a Two-Section Patio Door

We've seen a number of clients get confused on double door set-ups, mostly between a two-section patio door, versus an actual French door. Quite often, we'll see a two-section patio door in a home and the customer will refer to it as "French doors," but they are not the same. What’s the key difference? French doors allow for both doors to actually open and function. A double door or two-section patio door has a "dummy door" that doesn’t actually function, it stays stationary and only one door opens.

We also get asked how secure French doors are, and are they as secure as a two-section patio door? The answer is, yes, the security is the same because you have full hardware, plus a deadbolt lock. In addition, there is also an extra lock built-in to one of the doors, going all the way down to the threshold. So one of the two doors has the option of staying locked and stationary, but can easily open.

French doors provide additional functionality because of the extra space. When both doors are open, they allow the homeowner to bring items easily in and out of the space. If you've been exploring which would be the right fit for your home, give us a call at 717-691-5670. We'll set-up an appointment for one of our project managers to visit you and discuss the best option. We serve the greater Harrisburg area, which include both Dauphin and Cumberland counties, plus different towns throughout the Central PA region including Halifax, Carlisle, Gettysburg, York, Dillsburg, Spring Grove and more.


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