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Why Choose a Local Company

Choosing a local business and supporting a company that is not a franchise has its advantages. Let’s look at some of the benefits of working with a private company that’s locally owned and operated.

- We answer the phone when you call

When you call us, you will always get a person on the phone. If we happen to step away for a minute or we’re on the other line, we will call you right back - immediately. Every potential customer, current or past customer is important to us - and we take that seriously. We’ll even call you back on the weekends, if you leave a message and want to talk.

- We come to your home to provide a hassle-free estimate, with a locked-in price guaranteed-to-the penny

Our Project Consultants come to your home and guide you through the process of creating a project that will enhance the beauty of your home. They show you all the options and help you figure out the perfect fit for your style, taste and budget. Unlike other companies that add on taxes, fees and incidentals, we’ll give you a locked-in price before we leave that you can count on. You can feel good about moving forward with us, knowing that we stand behind the price we quote.

- We provide stress-free installation

Our professional installers work meticulously on installing your windows and doors, providing the perfect fit to your home. They use protective cloths to cover your furnishings, and have a dedicated clean-up person on the crew, to ensure they leave your home in pristine condition when they’re done.

- Our commitment to you doesn't end, once the job is complete

When the job is done, our project manager will walk you through all the work and make sure that you’re satisfied. If there’s ever a problem or if a question arises, we’ll be happy to talk to you or send a team member to your home to assess the issue.

- Your money stays local

The owners of the company live locally and employ people from Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Dillsburg, Newville, York, E-Town and other parts of Central PA. Your money stays here in the community.

- Less "red tape" and more flexibility

If a customer has a need, we don’t have to wait weeks for an approval from corporate. We can move quickly with the agility necessary to get things done for our customers.

Thank you, Central PA for your business over the past decade and for allowing us to provide top-quality windows and doors at affordable prices that are ‘your perfect fit.’

Call us today! 717-691-5670


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